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Now-Available-on-iTunes-Logo (1)MobileHandshake delivers to individuals and businesses a simple intuitive mobile platform for lending personal information discretely regardless of people’s social network memberships.

Benefits for Individuals

 Lend Data Confidently

Lend your personal data to your friends, family, coworkers, and group with confidence that it remains private and secure. Members who receive the information can use it just like it is their own, however, you retain ownership of it, manage it, and if necessary, revoke access.

Benefits for Groups and Businesses

 Improve Communication

With a full suite of tightly integrated tools available at your fingertips, you can implement an online communications strategy to target both external and internal business.

 Without Limitations

The days of jumping from social network to social network to share personal data are over! Sign in once and connect with your friends, peers, and group. Connect by simply saying hello, I’m here. Just like in real life. Our mobile platform let’s you connect and share with any friend on any platform using any social network.

 Driving Member Engagement

Engaged members are the key to success in your business. Members that actively participate in life at their organization generate greater non-dues revenue. They build relationships and derive value from belonging so they are more likely to remain. And, they become the group’s most effective source of new members when they encourage their friends to join.

 Grow Your Circles

How many times, have we asked, can you please email that info? Just to forget about or lose it later. MobileHandshake flips the model 180o. By growing your circles, the information that is usually being requested is already present at your fingertips; on your mobile device.

 Access Anywhere Anytime

Members use their mobile device to review and schedule their upcoming group activities conveniently while either at the work, home or even while they sit at the airport. Our mobile platform takes the full functionality of your website to your members in a format that is optimized for their smartphones and tablet computers.

 Privacy and Ownership

Our motto has been from the start, “It is your personal data! Not ours. Yours info to control and manage! And most of all keep it private!” MobileHanshake delivers on each item. You’re the driver. Take MobileHandshake for a test drive!

 Increase Revenues

By improving communications, delivering information immediately in a convenient way, members participate more frequently and seek out new additional activities. This drives the business and generates more revenues!

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